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"Faerietank" - a painting by Bryan Beus

“Faerietank” (2013) by Bryan Beus.

This site is a place to share a conversation on life and the world around us. A few favorite topics and mediums you’ll find include whimsical fantasy art, graphic novels, cinema, and more; mythology and religion; observations on our world as it is today; and the meditative arts.

Presently, in my personal work I am finishing off an illustrated novel, which I wrote and will illustrate. Shadow Mountain Publishing is planning on publishing it in the early autumn of 2015.

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Of note: Last year purely for fun I wrote and illustrated a graphic novella, “Shortcut to Heaven.” It was a blitz project, done without any rewrites or re-drawings. Whatever came out, came out, and the story moved on. Even though that novella is unaffiliated with my publisher, and though I tried to make it clear that Shortcut is simply a personal project, it is still naturally assuming the incorrect role in the public’s mind. People are coming to me in the grocery market saying, “Hey! I saw that Shortcut novella that you’ve been working on for the last four years. Excited to read the whole thing!” I truly appreciate their kindness and support, and I completely understand how they made the connection; people are busy and don’t have time to keep track. I would probably make the same mistake. To mitigate the confusion, as of June 15th I have no plans of actually making the novella available on my website as it would only further confuse everyone. As soon as I find a solution I will post the novella here. In the meantime, I sometimes have it for sale at events and conventions. Thanks!