A Reminder: How To Vote for True Change

Dear America,

With the onset of the campaigning season for the upcoming elections, I’d like to share a few thoughts on what I believe we should be looking for as Americans.

We all remember the phrase, “The Pursuit of Happiness.” We often forget the true source of Happiness, however.
Happiness comes when one forgets oneself and serves others. Complete Happiness comes when one forgets oneself completely in selfless service.

We need to remember this always, because there are a great many voices in the world telling us that Happiness comes from superficial sources.

A few of those fallacious sources could be said to be:

1 – Being the most powerful country in the world.

2 – Being the most financially successful.

3 – Receiving rewards as citizens without labor.

4 – Surrendering our freedoms for supposed protection.

I say these things because I frequently hear the up and coming candidates make promises as to how they will give these to the American People. They say that this will make America “great” again.

Whether or not the next President will give us power, wealth, or luxury, or complete protection will not make us happy. Allow me to burst a few bubbles in our collective conscious:

1 – We don’t need to be number one.

It’s o.k. if our country falls into third, or fourth, or tenth, or thirteenth place economically, politically, financially etc. It’s more important that we work for the benefit of others, without personal incentives, in all that we do.

2 – Freedom from fear comes from developing compassion.

When we love our enemies, who ever they are, we do not fear them;
When we feel compassion for all those whom we know, we do not fear death by any natural cause either.

3 – When it comes to election time, we are not forced to chose between the two most popular candidates.

There are other people to vote for. It’s o.k. if we vote for someone who doesn’t have a chance statistically. If we vote for someone in whose platform we truly believe, we have voted for Truth. What greater cause could there be?

When we do not believe in anyone’s platform, we can make a “Vote of No Confidence.” If enough people say that they have “No Confidence,” the politicians will be have no choice but to listen.

4 – Creating new legislation is not philanthropy.

We need to take care of the poor, the sick, the hungry. We do not need to make laws that force our neighbors to do the same.

It is up to us as a people to find a true leader. We cannot expect that a hero will arrive to save our nation unless we become heroes ourselves. Only then will we have eyes to recognize the heart of a true hero and have courage to follow him wherever he may lead.