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A little help needed

A little help needed published on No Comments on A little help needed

So, a little help needed.

I’d like to make my webcomic, Peter and Li, a daily thing. But, as it’s not earning money (and don’t worry, not asking for money), it’s quite difficult to find time for it. Here’s my request:

What should be the punishment if I miss a day? Can y’all help me pick out a (family friendly) disastrous downside to missing a day? Should I have to shave my beard? Take a bath in jello? Drink a gallon of milk? Dye my hair pink and leave it for at least a week?

Be creative. If we can come up with something, I’ll make a promise to stick to it.

UPDATE: Here’s the list that my friends came up with (from many sites–Facebook, Reddit, etc.)

Shave the beard, dye hair pink, shave head, shave eyebrows, glue a lego to my toilet seat and leave it there for a week, eat durian, and eat marmite, loudly sing a Britney Spears song in a public location.

Peter and Li: May 17, 2015

Peter and Li: May 17, 2015

Peter and Li: May 17, 2015 published on No Comments on Peter and Li: May 17, 2015
Peter and Li: May 17, 2015
Peter and Li: May 17, 2015


May 17, 2015 Transcript:


Li and Peter stand facing each other with wooden swords, preparatory to dueling. While Peter’s eyes are open, his stance ready to strike, Li instead holds his sword in a graceful martial form and his eyes are closed.

PETER: How are we supposed to practice dueling when your eyes are closed?

LI: Master teaches that “True strength comes without effort; thus the eyes need see no movement when the inner eye is open to stillness.”


Both stand in silence.

CAP – PETER (overhead): *


Peter SMACKS Li with his sword hard into the ground.



Li lies dizzy on the ground. Peter brandishes his sword excitedly.

LI: I may have misunderstood him.

PETER: Oh I think you’re doing great. Let’s go again!

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