“Literally,” literally, spinning my wheels

Sometimes it feels like things just never change.

Sittin’ on my duff, doin’ homewerk

One month ago, back in the state of Utah, this was my all-day hangout spot.

My little hangout

My spot in Utah looked like this. Nothin’ fancy

I sit there…my eyes peeled to my (large) monitor across the room…

…my legs sprawled out…

…while I work on homework n’ stuff.

That homework, by the way, is all great material: Dickens, Tennyson, Pope, and Mallory…

I don’t mind it, or even the assignments.

But the sticky part is that it’s for an English teaching certificate.

All this work just for a little piece of paper that says I can teach? Ya.

Man, is it tough to be in your mid-thirties going back to school.

Just sit and sit…head against the wall…the only movement is typing on the keyboard.

The lack of physical motion sometimes makes me feel like I’m not getting anywhere.

I already feel capable of doing work to be paid for this! Not the other way around!


Yes, I know. It’s not that simple. Plenty of good reasons abound.

But, sometimes, I just can’t help but feel frustrated.

Locomotion? Yes, please!

My wife and I have this great idea:

We’re moving to Alaska someday, anyway, right?

So…why not right now?

We’d be in a place where I can network in-person.

My wife is c.r.a.z.y. about Alaska, so she’ll be happy.

And it’ll make the baby happy, ’cause moving is easier for kids if they ain’t born yet.

Makes sense?

Inwardly, maybe a bit of me just wants to put my “pedal to the metal.”

Kaboosh. We have lift off.

Kick the tires and light the fires. Bye Utah! We love you!

Bye, Utah! Hello, Alaskan Mountain Range!

Fifty-ish hours behind the wheel–a full seven days of truckin’.

All the way I get to see that little GPS tracker.

I keep the GPS screen zoomed waaaaay out so that I can see where we are on the whole Earth.

Seeing our little blip move along this huge map: I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Progress. Yeah.

Landing gear down

We reach Anchorage and find a place to stay.

I carry in our few belongings.

We get set up.

My wife is happy.

The baby in her tummy is (probably) happy. (?)

Even the cat is happy.

Okay, great. Progress.

Let’s see…now what?

…Oh dear…

Um…let’s see…that’s all the boxes that we have to move…so that’s done…hmm…

…well…here’s a wall where I can put my cushions…

…and there’s…a wall…where I can put my monitor…

…so…here I sit…again…in a room…typing on my keyboard…


I’m right back where I started! Nothing’s changed!

My little hangout

Take off dem pessimistic glasses, boi!

Really, it makes me laugh.

Ain’t that just the way life goes sometimes?

You work and work, change it up, find “a quicker way,” but in the end, your life is still the same?

Feels like your dreams didn’t get much closer, though you tried?

Dear reader, you may (read: most likely) have similar experiences.

If you do, I’m really quite serious when I say that I would love to hear about it!

Tell me the story, and how it affected you!

Also…of course…

Lest you think this is all bad, things are actually great here:

There’s a Teacher Employment fair in Anchorage in a few days.

Can’t wait to network with everyone…maybe there will even be some future co-workers?!

Super excited!

And my wife frequently says this phrase now–with a big smile on her face:

“We’re in Alaska.”

Yes dear, we’re in Alaska.


"We're in Alaska"

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