Liz Carlston – Columbine Survivor

Liz Carlston came to my local church ward and spoke to us at a Monday night activity. Liz was a basketball student during the Columbine incident of 1999. Here are a few of her messages:

When tragedy affects us and people ask us to relate our experiences, we can choose to speak a message of love and healing.
In our desires to prevent tragedy to happen again, our aim can be to change people’s hearts, as opposed to placing laws and limitations on them.
The many miracles that happened that day, including the failure of the propane-bomb detonations and the help of a nearby Vietnam-veteran nurse, show that God always has a contingency plan.

On the way there and driving through streets covered in five inches of snow I got my car stuck, then had it towed out by a stranger, and then had to leave my car in a parking lot and walk the rest of the way. It was totally worth it.