Patterns in the Leaves

Brass tacks on storytelling in the Beus world.

Vroom, vroom, vroom…

“So, what’s new, Beus? Whatchu been up to lately?”

When I’m working out calculus on my master’s degree my mind be like…

“Hmm…I bet I could use this program solver to feed a string of literature prose as a data graph to use for network analysis in comparing tropes across different periods of classic literature.” 

Made of Math

The urge to create is a beast–even when doing logic! It must be let out!

Obey the Fist! Invader Zim

What am I up to, creatively, you might ask?

Besides making a baby? (Well, that’s more my wife’s deal at this point…)

Baby Bouncer

Take a look on the sidebar of the blog and you may notice something new!

Creative Goals

  • Progress on current short story.
    • A tracker on whichever story I’m working on currently.
    • It won’t be picked up by a publisher at this point.
  • Short stories finished
    • Tracker for how many I’ve finished and am passing around.
  • Three short story touchdowns!
    • A short story gets published/accepted.
  • A novel of the same length as my last novel, WESTLY.
    • About 30,000 words/100 pages.
  • Epic – Stage 1 progress
    • More about this below…

Loose Ends

“What about Peter and Li” you might ask?

Whilom: December 6, 2015

Whilom: December 6, 2015

Ahh, the project I was working on just before everything fell apart.

This was such fun.

However, I feel like I’ve walked this territory already.

These two guys might bust their way back in later (probably). We’ll see.

“Why not comics?”

First, I do have some technology now that helps my eyes when I draw.

Unfortunately, it’s too large to lug on our journey across the country right now.


Secondly, and more importantly, for me, art is always about story.

As I’m getting older and I have less time available, I have to make sacrifices.

Just focusing on the story part for now. Visuals will come back when they will!

One final thought: Long, long, long-term goals

I told you about the short story and the novel goals.

But what about past that?

I’m already in my mid-thirties. What’s The Big Dream?

I'm Old

I’ve had a dream that’s been at the heart of everything since I was a teenager.

But, as I’ve been reminded recently, Control is an illusion.

And making this dream happen may be beyond my control.

So, here’s the deal:

I’ll tell you my Big Dream, and you’re going to know that it’s just that for now–a dream.


Since I was a teenager I’ve had the itch to create an Epic.

An epic from the American spirit.

As an old-school video game. (Like Final Fantasy VI style…)

Final Fantasy VI

And for it to have as little verbal dialogue as possible.

It would be super cool if the characters talk in animation–like in Machinarium.

What’s an Epic?

An epic is generally a massive journey, with heroes and villains that are larger than life.

(Ever heard of Beowulf, Lord of the Rings, or Paradise Lost? Ya, like those.)

Doing this has been at the heart of every career step I’ve taken.

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to let that dream slip away.

I’m afraid I just…can’t.

Hold on for Dear Life

I think if a dream lasts over a decade and a half…you probably ought to do it. Ya know?

It’s a central focus of my blog going forward. A “journal of the journey,” so to say.

With that said, I’m changing the title of my website.

Remember what the title used to say?


Okay, of course not.

What it used to say was, “Bryan Beus – Artist and Author”.

Now it reads: “Beus – Epic Storyteller”

Calvin and Hobbes - Boy of Destiny

Say it with me now:

Beus…EPIC storyteller.

It sounds nice, right?



Oh well.

But you love me anyway, right?


Okay, I think I’ll shut up now.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what an idiot you think I am in the comments!