Pick Away

Note: This post here is an unpaid commission done just for fun. I am currently accepting commissions, such as book covers and interiors, portraits, editorials, character designs etc. bryanbeus@gmail.com if you are interested.

Update 10/31/12: The winner is chosen! Click here to find out.

Hey everyone, I’ve got some ideas on the table for a new art series and I’d like you to be a part.

All you gotta do is look through the concepts for the series and vote (in the comments below) on which one you’d like to watch as a work-in-progress. Between now and midnight on October 19th I’m going to collect votes. I’ll do the painting that you think would be most fun to watch first, and I’m going to post it as I paint so you can follow along. At certain intervals (such as what are called the “value study” and “color study”) I’m going to open it up for input again. It’ll be like a “web-i-verse” art director and painter relationship.

Here are the concepts. Take a look through, pick one out, and post your vote (and you’re welcome to say what you like/dislike/think about that one, and any of the others also).


 Image #1: 

“Michael Earning His Halo”

Behind the mask of the puppet (left) is a strange creature:



Image #2: 

“Cherubim and a Flaming Sword”

In the old testament, Genesis 3:24, the Lord turns Adam and Eve out of the garden and then places “Cherubim and a Flaming Sword” to guard the way to the tree of life.

I’ve wondered why all the cherubim and the sword have to be European. Could they be Asian? How about an Asian and a European?



Image #3:


An Asian girl, wearing silk clothes, with a pretty seashell gnawing at the side of her head.

I had a friend awhile ago who, when she was a teenager, worked as a Disneyland princess. She told me that to this day she still has nightmares in which she’s getting let go because she’s no longer pretty enough.



Image #4
“The Intellectual”

Whenever brilliance comes along, it’s fun to hop in and take a ride.



Image #5:

“The Pearl Thief”
At a fancy party (where all the smart people are keeping their mouths shut) the pearl thief gets away again!
On her banner reads in latin, “You say it, I steal it.”
She’s holding a pearl under her arm, having just stolen it from the foolish gentleman who opened his mouth.
Some people are wisely keeping their mouths shut, and some aren’t paying attention.



Image #6

“Fish Tank of Fairies”

Just a fish tank of fairies (you do a few things differently when you make a fairy fish tank: first, no water; second, put in a flower-fountain that pours honey-water for the fairies to drink).



Image #7

A man hangs in the sky from the disc of the moon, waiting for it to open.

I suppose there’s a lot of meanings I personally see in this one. One of them is that in life, often times we get as close to we can to whatever Truth we can see, and then we just wait. So it is with this man, who has abandoned his hopes for worldly success in his search.



Image #8

“Children Playing”

Children playing somewhere in the ocean catch and eat the notes an older boy plays from his flute.



Alright, that’s it! Cast your vote below, and all comments are appreciated.


Update 10/31/12: The winner is chosen! Click here to find out.