Review: Meditations

MeditationsMeditations by Marcus Aurelius
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As the pinnacle of Pagan thought, it definitely deserves the merit which it has received. I enjoyed essentially all of his thinking, though with the understanding that the pagan-religious aspect of his work is something in which I do not believe.

He repeats a consistent theme throughout:
The universe forms a whole, where every part is important and has its place.
We find peace in the universe when we accept our part and seek to fulfill it to its fullest measure.
Our human duty is to give of ourselves to others, however we are called, in order that others might see this principle clearly also.

I really enjoyed this philosophical theme.

Towards the end of the book he starts repeating himself. It is just a journal and not meant to be a philosophical text, as it has become.

There is a wonderful recording of it on by a number of different readers:…

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