Review: The Light Princess

The Light Princess (Classic Fairy Tale Collection)The Light Princess by George MacDonald
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is arguably the best fairy tale I have ever read. It’s about a Princess who is bewitched at birth by her evil aunt so that she has no gravity and will float away unless tied to the ground.

While MacDonald’s writing often struggles in terms of style and clarity, his understanding of people, virtue, and the redemptive power of Charity are unparalleled.

His poems have an innocence to them that elucidates why we write and read poems and all: coming to know God.

The witch of an aunt was a terrific villain, and one of his best I think. Her simple magical tricks and spells were delightful, all while capturing what is detestable about evil.

My favorite scene or moment was the one on the shore of the Princess’ lake, when the Prince first finds her and accidentally sends her floating away into the air. The image of the Princess gliding over the tops of the trees and grabbing the topmost twigs to pull herself back down was indelible.

Five stars!

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