Bryan’s Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Guest Schedule

Bryan’s Comic Con Panel Schedule

I’m speaking on two panels at Salt Lake Comic Con this year.

Sat 6:00 PM – Storytelling through Art

Sat 8:00 PM – Should I Write? Or Illustrate? Or Both?

Artist’s Alley Location

Also, I’m at Artist Alley booth o1. 

(The layout of the floor is a little confusing. I’m between the two large vendor areas sitting on a corner table right next to where y’all walk past.)

Come stop by!

Also…of note…One of my favorite actors of all time, Patrick Stewart, just agreed to come. So, if I’m not already enough for you to come…(say what?!? 🙂 )…


Update on Short Cut:

Well…technically it’s finished as of yesterday…

However, my brand new computer DIED in the process of completing the last two pages. It has only 7% power left and, due to a battery failure, will never power on again until after it gets back from the repair shop…

So…not quite sure how y’all are going to see it. I spent a long time yesterday trying to get it out of the computer. (Yes…it’s backed up…but I can’t access it without a new computer for reasons unnecessary to explain).

Hopefully y’all will get to see it either today or tomorrow.


Bryan's Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Guest Schedule

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