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By the way, what happened to 100 Vines in 100 Days?

As much fun as we can find in six seconds

You may remember that a while ago I started a project wherein I planned to do 100 6-second moving-illustrations in 100 days, and then post them to my Vine account.

Long Distance Travel, by Bryan Beus

Long Distance Travel, by Bryan Beus

It was really fun from the outset, and I regret that I can’t finish it.

I absolutely hate having to leave a project before it’s done, but when I get going on a time-consuming project that turns out to be far, far, far away from the big picture of my storytelling goals, I really don’t have a choice.

Good, better, best thing to do

As any good businessman in the world, I have big goals and dreams about what I’d like to accomplish. Concerning this subject, there are two.

#1 – I’d like to finish illustrating that book I’ve been working on for years.

It’s almost done! All that’s holding me up is that it’s hard to find time to work on it. In an ideal world I would like to take ten weeks off of commissions/teaching/etc. to focus on this.

That said, my publisher and I are getting really close to making some announcements with it.

#2 – I’d like to ultra-simplify my storytelling.

Pure Philosophy, by Bryan Beus

Pure Philosophy, by Bryan Beus

I’ve gotta admit…it is hard—too hard for me, in fact—to build a career in both creating written-word novels and illustrating at the same time. Either one of those careers can easily consume ten to fifteen hours a day. Try doing them both at the same time? Good luck…

But what do you do when you love them both so much that, no matter how hard you brainstorm, pray, fast, and wrack your noggin’ you can’t find a way to cut either art form out of your life?

…Mix them together?

Storyboarding and graphic novels: writing with pictures instead of words.

That was the original intent of the 100 Vines idea—to bring together illustration and time-based storytelling. My hope was that at the end of the 100 Days I’d have a good amount of storyboarding experience under my belt, and would be ready to make some really fun longer graphic novels for you.

The problem is that, while the six second idea is really really really fun, it’s so limited that I found myself animating instead of storyboarding.

Need for Speed, by Bryan Beus

Need for Speed, by Bryan Beus

“Animation” is really fun, but it’s not what I’m going for right now.

And it’s not to say that you can’t make some brief storyboards with a six-second time limit (…in fact, now that I write these words, all of a sudden my brain is bursting with things I could have done in the storyboard sense instead…), but this wasn’t what I was looking for, either.

And to spend a third of a year doing it when it doesn’t meet its purpose?

Ummmmm…not wise.

So, now what?

Well, there’s some big things in the works with goal #1 listed above, and I can work on these while I rethink my strategy.

I’m dipping into my savings as we speak in order to take some time away from commissions and get this book finally illustrated.

You’ll be hearing more about the book soon—real soon. In fact, any day now it should probably be taking center stage on my blog.

While it will be a while still before all the interior illustrations are done, the cover is underway.

And it is going to be awesome…

Once the cover and the interiors are done, the plan in my mind right now is to come back to the goal of storyboards and graphic novels.

We’ll see what happens when the time comes!

In the meantime, how about some cheerfully pointless animation?

Heaven Surfing, by Bryan Beus

Heaven Surfing, by Bryan Beus

No. 9: Heaven Surfing

Heaven Surfing, by Bryan Beus

Heaven Surfing, by Bryan Beus

No. 9: Heaven Surfing

Part of the series, 100 Vines in 100 Days

Posted on Vine here: http://vncl.co/wa4sMK2WXtb


So, remember how a while ago I said that I might have some big news? And I was just holding my breath on posting any details about the whereabouts of the stories on my table until I was sure?

Well, that news has come true!

I will let you know what it is real soon.

In the meantime, this big news is going to put this “100 Vines in 100 Days” on hold. There are still 91 days left, and we’re right on track. I should be back on this come November.

More to come!

A Selkie Goes for a Swim

A Selkie Goes for a Swim, by Bryan Beus

A Selkie Goes for a Swim, by Bryan Beus

This takes a lot more time than I thought! Going to be fun and I’m still going to do it, but I may have to double up some days in order to cover for other days where I won’t have time.

First one’s up!

“A Selkie Goes for a Swim”

A selkie is a legendary creature, originating I believe from Norway. I’ve always wanted to write about and draw them.

She is half human woman, half seal. The majority of the time she lives in the seal in seal form, but every so often she’ll take off her seal skin and come to the beach to sunbathe.

If a man can steal her skin while she is sunbathing she will become his wife.

Selkies reputedly are beautiful and wonderful wives, being agreeable and supportive, and bear children that are blessed with fairy blood.

However, if she should find her skin the call of the ocean will beckon so strongly she won’t be able to resist. Even if she has children, she will still snatch her skin, race to the ocean, and disappear forever.

Posted on Vine here: https://www.vineclient.com/v/cGwvs86zLtb