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Patterns in the Leaves

Brass tacks on storytelling in the Beus world.

Vroom, vroom, vroom…

“So, what’s new, Beus? Whatchu been up to lately?”

When I’m working out calculus on my master’s degree my mind be like…

“Hmm…I bet I could use this program solver to feed a string of literature prose as a data graph to use for network analysis in comparing tropes across different periods of classic literature.” 

Made of Math

The urge to create is a beast–even when doing logic! It must be let out!

Obey the Fist! Invader Zim

What am I up to, creatively, you might ask? Continue reading

It’s just about time to make the announcement…

Upcoming Announcement

Upcoming Announcement


For the last few years I’ve worked hard on a somewhat secret project. If you follow my blog you’ve no doubt heard me mention it.

Well, it’s just about time to start letting the cat out of the bag…

Come next week I’ll reveal the initial character designs for the main character, and then I paint the book cover live through my online video streaming account.

Stay tuned!

You can follow me on Twitter and on my Facebook Page to find out when I’ll be live streaming.

This is a huge part of my life and I am so excited to share it with everyone.

‘Till next time.

Graphic Novella – This Is Not The Project I’ve Been Working On For Four Years – 1

The starter painting for a graphic novella I'm creating. In the story, a woman sets out on a mystical perilous staircase to heaven in search of her lost son.

The starter painting for a graphic novella I’m creating (just as a side project, not the one I’m doing with Shadow Mountain – Deseret book). In the story, a woman sets out on a mystical perilous staircase to heaven in search of her misbehaving son.


A little announcement:

I’m doing a graphic novella between now and the Salt Lake City Comic Con this coming April.

This is a separate project from the one on which I’ve been working for the last few years. That’s to say, as clearly as I can, it’s not the mixed-media graphic novel I’m working on with Shadow Mountain (Deseret Book). Every time we think we’ve got that one down, we get a whole bunch of new ideas about how the story can be better, and we just can’t turn the ideas down. (I’m excited for you to read it!)

Back to this side project.

In the novella, a mother learns that her fickle son found a perilous short cut to heaven—a staircase full of temptations that pull at you until you fall—and took it without thinking about the consequences. And she sets out after her son, regardless of the fact that she doesn’t consider herself to be ready to take a short cut to heaven, either.

I’m going to be posting updates on its progress every Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

It will be black and white on the interior with a fully finished color painting for a cover. I’m self-publishing it for Kindle, and I’ll be printing it either through Amazon or a publisher in China. It will actually be available for the first time at the comic con, and I won’t be making it available online until after the convention is over.

Making a graphic novella is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but have had to spend all my time learning the basics of writing. So, I’m excited to finally put these skills to use and make something fun!

If you’d like to follow along, remember to sign up! There’s an RSS subscriber on the left, and here’s my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

See you Thursday!