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"Short Cut" - Panel 1 (working title), from the graphic novella by Bryan Beus

Time for an update on “Short Cut.”

As a reminder, this is just a short story that I’m doing on my own. I started it just a few weeks ago and it should be finished by next Friday at the latest.

Originally I was going to make “Short Cut” the story of a mother finding her son. But as I worked out the story I felt it was more fun to make it a sister searching for her brother.

Here she is on the staircase! This is the first panel where she’s simply wandering up on her own.

I’m excited for you to read this little short story. Should be fun.

One thing I just gotta mention: it is so fun to finally bring all the different areas which I’ve studied together. Over the last four years I spent the majority of my time learning how to write creatively. It is much harder for me than drawing–by a long shot! And the majority of my art skills are in finished paintings–i.e. book covers. So, when I reach the end of creating the interiors we’ll get to give that part of the process a go. And right now I’m putting together comic panels and doing finished pencil drawings, a skill I’ve wanted to develop for years.


170-12-001-Short-Cut-Pages-Final - Copy


Really fun to see this all coming together for the first time. And it’s a good little warm up for the larger project I’m working on.

Anyway, check back later. “Short Cut” should be ready to go by the Salt Lake City Comic Con. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


A Corel Painter Tutorial done of "Faerietank" (2013) by Bryan Beus

Painter X3 Tutorial and “Short Cut” Update

Corel Painter X3 Tutorial

First of all, as I mentioned awhile ago, I did a Corel Painter X3 tutorial with Corel Corporation awhile ago. It’s live now on Corel’s main website.

This painting was a really fun process. It goes over the entire process of creating the painting: 1) coming up with rough concepts; 2) working with an art director (our blog group); 3) developing the concept; 4) preliminary drawing; 5) value study; 6) taking photo reference; 7) final drawing; 8) color study; 9) painting process; 10) finishing. At the end, I go into a specific area of Corel Painter X3, showing how the perspective tool works.

My favorite part of creating this painting was working with my many friends and fans here on the web. When I first posted the rough concepts for the project I worried that I would get confusing feedback, and that it would dampen the project. Instead, the comments were clear, insightful, and knowledgable. And it was fun to communicate with friends all over the world.

Here’s a link table of contents for all the entire process here on the web:

1) Pick Away

2) Alright, Mission Control

3) Faerietank – Part 1

4) Faerietank – Part 2

5) Faerietank – Part 3

6) Faerietank – Part 4a

7) Faerietank – Part 4b

8) Faerietank – Part 4c

9) Faerie Auditions – Faerietank Part 5

10) Faerietank – Gathering Reference

11) Faerietank – Preliminary Value Study

12) Faerietank – Part 7 – The Drawing

13) Faerietank – Final Value Study

14) Faerietank – Color Study

15) Faerietank – Live Streaming of the Work-In-Progress (Video Expired)

16) Still Painting Away – See It Live Online (Video Expired)

17) Faerietank – Finishing Up

18) Faerietank – Semi-Final Painting


The Final:

"Faerietank" - a painting by Bryan Beus

“Faerietank” (2013) by Bryan Beus.


Faerietank Process GIF | Medium: Painter X3

A Faerietank Process animated GIF, created for a Painter X3 tutorial with Corel Corporation.

Check it out! Now, onto the next topic…

Furthering the Graphic Novel Layout

Well, after thinking about it, I’m going to show you a small screenshot of where things are, but I’m not going to let you know the details—for now. I’m going to wait and see what we should keep a surprise, and what we should show publicly.

So, in the meantime…

Rough Thumbnails for "No Short Cut to Heaven"

“No Short Cut to Heaven,” pages nine through sixteen.

Alright, I have a question for y’all now.

When you’re putting together your graphic novel layouts (those of you that are into this kind of thing), how soon do you like to start making the pictures “pretty?”

“The Short Cut” – A Graphic Novella – Act I – Rough Layout

Time to begin putting together this little graphic novella. Our first step is to look at the graphic novel layout.

[Note: This is not that same project which I’m doing with Deseret Book. To learn more about where this project here began, click here.]


A mother learns that her fickle son found a perilous short cut to heaven—a staircase full of temptations—and took it without thinking of the consequences. And she sets out after her son, even though she doesn’t consider herself ready to take a short cut to heaven, either.



Cover: Full Color

Interior: Black and White

Publishing Method: self-publishing own inventory, eBookprint print-on-demand

Total Page: 32 max


Act I Beats: Continue reading

Graphic Novella – This Is Not The Project I’ve Been Working On For Four Years – 1

The starter painting for a graphic novella I'm creating. In the story, a woman sets out on a mystical perilous staircase to heaven in search of her lost son.

The starter painting for a graphic novella I’m creating (just as a side project, not the one I’m doing with Shadow Mountain – Deseret book). In the story, a woman sets out on a mystical perilous staircase to heaven in search of her misbehaving son.


A little announcement:

I’m doing a graphic novella between now and the Salt Lake City Comic Con this coming April.

This is a separate project from the one on which I’ve been working for the last few years. That’s to say, as clearly as I can, it’s not the mixed-media graphic novel I’m working on with Shadow Mountain (Deseret Book). Every time we think we’ve got that one down, we get a whole bunch of new ideas about how the story can be better, and we just can’t turn the ideas down. (I’m excited for you to read it!)

Back to this side project.

In the novella, a mother learns that her fickle son found a perilous short cut to heaven—a staircase full of temptations that pull at you until you fall—and took it without thinking about the consequences. And she sets out after her son, regardless of the fact that she doesn’t consider herself to be ready to take a short cut to heaven, either.

I’m going to be posting updates on its progress every Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

It will be black and white on the interior with a fully finished color painting for a cover. I’m self-publishing it for Kindle, and I’ll be printing it either through Amazon or a publisher in China. It will actually be available for the first time at the comic con, and I won’t be making it available online until after the convention is over.

Making a graphic novella is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but have had to spend all my time learning the basics of writing. So, I’m excited to finally put these skills to use and make something fun!

If you’d like to follow along, remember to sign up! There’s an RSS subscriber on the left, and here’s my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

See you Thursday!