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Finalized Silhouette - Shapes in Storytelling

Shapes in Storytelling

Remember that Deep Sea RV Trailer?

Yesterday you saw the drawing of the man moseying along through the depths of the ocean via his deep-sea RV trailer.

The fun thing is that, if you’ve been following along with my class posts, now you know how I did the drawing. Let me put it all together for you…

Shapes in Storytelling

One thing I love about working with a silhouette from the outset is that it gives me an opportunity to focus on the two most important aspects right off: the underlying concept and the overall design.

Shapes in Storytelling

Brainstorming with silhouettes

The idea at the beginning was to create an underwater place to live—I chose a cottage.

For a couple of hours I just sketched up dozens of ideas. Most of the sketches were downright failures, but a few were worth exploring.

Somewhere along the lines I got hooked on the idea of having the underwater cottage be mobile.

And then I liked the idea of having it pulled by a school of jelly fish. Why not?


Developing the idea

Of course, any self-respecting underwater mobile cottage must have a bubbling chimney on its back.

Shapes in Storytelling

Bubbling underwater chimney


And it also must be driven by a pleasant cheeky old man.

Shapes in Storytelling

Sketches for the driver – Deep Sea RV Trailer

Here’s our final silhouette:

Finalized Silhouette - Shapes in Storytelling

Final Silhouette – Deep Sea RV Trailer



Just like we did with the Shapely Plants, it’s time to put some white on top of those black silhouettes, and see if we can’t further develop the shape.

In my UVU class we’ve taken to calling these drawings “WOTs,” short for “white-on-tops.”

Shapes in Storytelling

WOTs for our Deep Sea RV Trailer – click for a larger view


Final words

Come travel with me in the deep blue sea

Final Ink Drawing – Deep Sea RV Trailer


From the WOTs image higher up above in the post, I chose the WOT on the lower left. Take a look here and see if you can find the few changes I made between the WOT and the final.

What do you think—is there one of those other WOTs that you also would like to have seen? And what are your thoughts in general? Let me know in the comments!