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The time has come…

…indeed, ’tis come, my friends, to talk of many things…

Alright, peeps, it’s time to finally start opening up about this project I’ve worked on for the last four and a half years. We finished the writing of it back in May. (And yes, it took a while. But it was worth it. I think you’ll love it.)

It’s for kids ages 8-12, roughly 30,000 words (relatively short), and I plan on illustrating it as heavily as possible!

(So great to be back on my home turf of illustration. Writing was a totally new experience. But I’m grateful to have the basics under my belt, and we’ll be doing more stories as time goes on.)

The novel is about a young spider. You’ll find out more over the next few months.

Today I finished putting together the 3D model photo reference for the book cover. Check it out!

Westly - Cover Jacket - 3D Photo Reference

Cover Jacket – 3D Photo Reference

This is the first 3D model I’ve done in well over a decade, and the second one in my life. All I have to say is, WOW, now that I know how to do it, creating photo reference is dramatically easier.

There’s still a number of things that I’d rather do with live photo reference for now—such as moss and texture.

Watch it live!

The book cover painting is happening live via my account at livestream.com throughout the next ten or fifteen days. Either tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll break out the paint brush.

Sign up on my Twitter account or Facebook Page for updates on the times.



Click to go to my Livestream account

Click to go to my Livestream account

Vine No. 2: Pure Philosophy

Pure Philosophy, by Bryan Beus

Pure Philosophy, by Bryan Beus

(Website isn’t showing the animation, so you can see it here: )



Vine No. 2: Pure Philosophy

I have a tendency to over think things, sometimes. When I drew this picture of an old, old man observing angels finding their way to heaven, I was wondering how much of thinking hard about deeper things is useful, compared with simply taking off in our goals.

I would imagine both are always useful.

Posted on Vine here: http://vncl.co/emLFMHA4Mtb

The Shortcut proofs

Shortcut proofs

The Shortcut proofs

The Shortcut graphic novella proofs have arrived.

Shortcut Update

Pretty fun to see a graphic novella come together for my first time.

I’m excited to let people read it—you can buy it from me already at fairs and conventions—and I will at some point in time make it available to read via PDF for free. However, the latter option is going to have to wait.

Unfortunately, though I have tried to make it known that this is not the novel on which I’ve worked with my publisher for the last few years, people are naturally busy and don’t have time to read every detail of my posts.

Already when I run into people in person who follow my blog I’m getting comments such as, “I saw the cover for the book you’re doing with Shadow Mountain!”


I certainly don’t blame anyone. If I were in their shoes I would probably make the same mistake.

But this project was just a blitz done between drafts. It’s a fun novella, but it’s not a full and finished novel, and I don’t want to present my work as such.

Until I have more novellas and things with which to totally confuse people (or at least until I start releasing illustrations for my full-length novel) we’ll be keeping “Shortcut” on the convention tables only. You’re welcome to grab a copy there!


Provo Farmer’s Market

Provo Farmer's Market

Provo Farmer’s Market

Here’s one place you can grab it…

As of last week I am at the Provo Farmer’s Market each Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM. I’ll be selling prints etc., and I’m also learning the art of onsite caricature drawing. Come sit! Last week I did them for free as I’m brand new at this. Eventually I’ll start charging. Not sure when.


My Belated Blog Hop from Merdith

My good friend, Meridth Gimbel, asked me about a month ago if I would like to participate in her blog hop. There’s a particular reason why I’m still waiting to answer the interview questions, but for the time being I do want to thank her for including me and show you where you can check out her blog!


More posts coming soon.


The semi-final cover for "The Unwanted Short Cut"

Short Cut – Semi-Final Cover

Last night around 11PM I got a hankering to paint, so here’s the Short Cut – Semi-Final Cover.

Short Cut - Semi-Final Cover

The semi-final cover for “The Unwanted Short Cut”

I put up a few video blips of the painting while in process. It’ll be up online for a few more weeks, and then livestream.com automatically deletes it.

Hope to release the story online soon.

I’ll probably let the graphic novella itself be free, and then have a paid version with a few extras up on Kindle and a print version up on Amazon.

Short Cut – The Decision to Climb

Here are a couple of panels from where she makes the decision to climb.



(As a reminder, this is just a side project that I’m doing in my free time. It’s not associated with my publisher)

We’re closing in on the end. I should have all the revisions made soon, and then I think I’m going to bind these together by hand.

The way I think I’m going to release these at Salt Lake Comic Con is that I may hand-stitch them together, along with several portfolio paintings.

They’ll be signed and numbered in a limited edition release. Most likely there will not be more than 40 all together, so if you’d like to buy one and you can’t be there, be sure to let me know. I can provide a way for you to pay by credit card and I will ship it to you.

Hope to see you soon!

Short Cut – Discovering the Staircase

A recently completed page from Short Cut – Discovering the Staircase!

Short Cut - Discovering the Staircase

It would seem that this project is following true to Murphey’s Law: A task will expand to fill the maximum amount of time allotted to it.

There are two and a half spreads left to go, and then I’ll go back and do some corrections.

Otherwise, things are going great! Thanks for following along. I’m looking forward to releasing the entire comic.