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Just the memory, please. Thank you very much.

We recently gave away essentially everything we own. Here’s a brief account of what it was like to give up the the part that was most precious to me.

Good heavens, but where did they all come from?

I have loads of drawings–almost two decades worth of “favorites” that I thought worth saving.

Piles and piles of drawings

A small sample of the drawings I owned.

For seventeen years, every time the stack of drawings on my studio desk would build up to around a hundred pages, I would throw away most, but quickly thumb through to keep just “the best ones.”

Sometimes I kept a drawing because I thought I might enjoy the inspiration later.

Other times it was because it held some idea I thought worth making into a finished piece.

Or, I was proud of the skill development represented.

And, of course, my art instructors encouraged me to keep them so that I could observe my progress over time.

It’s a thing we artists do.

In fact, once, when I met with the famous James Christensen, he showed me several shelves full of sketchbooks. They were marvelous.

A tree trunk of drawings

Whatever the impetus, the result was that I had many sacred tubs of scribbles.

Each time I moved apartments I lugged these things around, laughing to myself that they were, in a way, giant tree trunks (paper comes from wood, you know).

The person holding the other end of my 200 lb. tub was usually too busy gasping for air to do more than politely smile at my metaphor. 

But, I suppose now I should say, “I had loads of drawings.”

They’re all gone. Continue reading

Yet a Little More: Gratitude in Action!

A study in how life is easier when we have a perspective of gratitude.

Oh, my beloved memory foam chair

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. It can make all the difference, so they say.

Right now we’re moving to a new state.

And I have this chair that I love, love, love.

My fancy studio chair

My fancy studio chair

Brand new, this chair would cost $1200.

Has a bazillion little doohickey adjustments to support your back…

…It’s made of memory foam…

Oh so nice.

And What?

Also, I have something else.

Well, my wife has something else, and I am soooooooooo lucky to have my wife.

So, I “have” something else in proxy through her.

Fat Cat - Kitty Door

Enter Jack, our big-boned cat

A large, snuggly, and sometimes ornery cat.

My wife LOVES this cat, whose name is Jack. And I am SO happy that Jack makes her happy.

(Are you picking up that I am not normally fond of pets? Continue reading