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LTUE - Life, the Universe, and Everything 2014

LTUE 2014 – Life, The Universe, and Everything – (& “Short Cut” Update)

LTUE 2014 Writers and Illustrators’ Conference

Analindë - Fantasy eBook Cover for Daedalian

Analindë – Fantasy cover commissioned by Daedalian Press


This year I am speaking on three (four) panels at the “Life, the Universe, and Everything” Conference here in Provo, Utah—informally known as LTUE (pronounced “la-tooey”).

This conference is one of the premier outlets along the Wasatch Front for lovers of creative writing and illustration to gather and learn from each other. There will be fantastic speakers and great company. Some people also participate in some light cos-play (dressing up as one’s favorite fictional character).

I’ll be speaking on three panels and I will be on the Artist’s Alley table working on my comic every evening.

Also, I’ve been asked to illustrate the LTUE program cover.

My schedule:

Thursday 12:00 PM – How to use a sketchbook

Thursday 5:00 PM – Painting Worlds with Words

Friday 12:00 PM – Painting Backgrounds

Friday 6:00 PM – Drawing Textures


List of Other Creatives I Recommend:

Here are a few of my friends and admired authors that will attend and speaking at LTUE, too.

(The links below, I would like to mention, are called “Affiliate Links.” Federal Law requires that I point out that when you use them to make a purchase, a small percentage of the profits Amazon receives from your payment will be shared with me. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it helps me make a living in providing you with great stories!)


Orson Scott Card, author of “Ender’s Game,” and many others

James Owen, author of “The First Dragon,”

Jess Smart Smiley, illustrator of “Upside Down: A Vampire Tale

Lisa Mangum, author of “The Hourglass Door

Brandon Sanderson, author of “The Mistborn Triology” and co-author of “The Wheel of Time” series


Those are just a few. There will literally be dozens of other talented creatives.

Be there!


“Short Cut” Update

This week I have worked on my novel faster than ever before. I hope to get my current draft turned in soon. Consequentially, I got nothin’!

Have a great day and see you at LTUE!

Life, The Universe, and Everything – 2013


Here is my schedule for the upcoming science and fantasy fiction conference for writers and illustrators, Life, The Universe, and Everything.

Thursday 1:00 PM – Panel: Finding Good Photo Reference

Thursday 6:00 PM – Panel: Digital Painting (with brief demo)

Friday 5:00 PM – Panel: Illustrating Book Covers


For more info, please visit ltue.org