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Vine No. 2: Pure Philosophy

Pure Philosophy, by Bryan Beus

Pure Philosophy, by Bryan Beus

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Vine No. 2: Pure Philosophy

I have a tendency to over think things, sometimes. When I drew this picture of an old, old man observing angels finding their way to heaven, I was wondering how much of thinking hard about deeper things is useful, compared with simply taking off in our goals.

I would imagine both are always useful.

Posted on Vine here: http://vncl.co/emLFMHA4Mtb

A Selkie Goes for a Swim

A Selkie Goes for a Swim, by Bryan Beus

A Selkie Goes for a Swim, by Bryan Beus

This takes a lot more time than I thought! Going to be fun and I’m still going to do it, but I may have to double up some days in order to cover for other days where I won’t have time.

First one’s up!

“A Selkie Goes for a Swim”

A selkie is a legendary creature, originating I believe from Norway. I’ve always wanted to write about and draw them.

She is half human woman, half seal. The majority of the time she lives in the seal in seal form, but every so often she’ll take off her seal skin and come to the beach to sunbathe.

If a man can steal her skin while she is sunbathing she will become his wife.

Selkies reputedly are beautiful and wonderful wives, being agreeable and supportive, and bear children that are blessed with fairy blood.

However, if she should find her skin the call of the ocean will beckon so strongly she won’t be able to resist. Even if she has children, she will still snatch her skin, race to the ocean, and disappear forever.

Posted on Vine here: https://www.vineclient.com/v/cGwvs86zLtb

Caricature by Bryan Beus

Saturday Farmer’s Market Portraits

Caricature by Bryan Beus

Caricature by Bryan Beus

Caricature by Bryan Beus

Caricature by Bryan Beus

Portrait drawing at the Provo Farmer’s Market is fun. If you’re local, you should come by! I’m only charging a couple bucks as I’m still new at this; within the next week or two I’ll start slowly raising the price.

My Cousin Aubrey – Sunday Sketch

Sketch portrait of Aubrey

My cute little cousin Aubrey


My cousin Aubrey sits across from me on the couch as our family settles down from our Sunday dinner.

Having my sketching supplies handy, I steal glances at her, scribbling down her outer forms.

After a few minutes she stares at me openly, bites her knuckles, and grins.

Trying to cover my theft I ask, “Would you like me to draw you?”

“Aren’t you already?” she replies.

Precocious little girl.