Tree Pose


A group of travelers sit on wooden benches surrounding a circular fire pit. A stag roasts in the fire on a turn-spit.

A few heads turn as a man enter. He is wearing chain mail, a red tunic with an ensign of a golden luck dragon on his chest, a broad sword hangs from his waist. His face is of Caucasian complexion and he is relatively tall.

The other travelers do not stare long before returning to their meals.

The man walks towards the inn keeper.

(tossing a coin on the counter)
For the night.

The inn keeper glances at the man’s sword.

INN KEEPER: How about a demonstration, and you can keep the coin?

Keeping a steady gaze, the man tosses another coin on the counter.

MAN: Dinner too, please.

The Inn Keeper looks around the room. Two bearded faces smile back at him, stand up and make their way towards the counter.

(returning gaze to the man)
What kind of bed?


The man turns around and looks straight in the eye of the waiting bearded men. They are both three inches taller than him and broader in the chest. One is bare-fisted, the other carries a staff.

MAN: May I help you?

One of the bearded men raises his meaty fist.

FIRST BEARDED: Just some entertainment, if you please.

MAN: Shall I sing for you?

The bearded man thrusts his fist at the man’s head.

The man shifts his weight sideways, catching the fist as it passes him and pulls it behind himself.

The bearded man is pulled into the weight of his own throw, falls off balance and stumbles forward into the Inn Keeper’s counter.

As this is happening the second bearded man aims a blow with his staff at the Man.

The Man shifts his weight in the other direction and allows the staff to slide around his side and strike the first man on the head.

SECOND BEARDED: Oh, sorry Petey.

The Man steps to the side of the two and out of the line of action as the first bearded man lifts himself up, rubbing his head.

MAN: How is the food?

The two bearded men look at each other.

MAN: It looks delicious. Have you eaten already?

FIRST BEARDED: We were just about too.

MAN: Excellent. I haven’t either. Tell me about that staff –– it looks like a family heirloom.

SECOND BEARDED: Six generations.

MAN: Were all your fathers as strong as you?

As the trio moves towards their table, the Man turns to the Inn Keeper and smiles.