Update on Stuff – May 2017

Youtube update on things, strabismus, motivation, etc.

Quick synposis

Trying a few new things medically. I hope to be doing some art at some point in the near future (less than a year?).

It’s been interesting over the last year, having to put my passions on hold while we figure out how to get past this obstacle of strabismus. It’s given me time to think about why it is that I like sharing stories, doing art, etc.

At the bottom of it all, I really enjoy simply sharing my life and passions with people. I enjoy watching all the stories from people online, both from people known and unknown.

Many stories out there have brightened my life and my day. And at the times that I’ve been able to brighten the lives of others, I just get such a kick out of that.

Things may not ever be the way they were before–i.e. full-time all day every day working on stories–and that’s okay! But I really, truly┬álove these things, and I hope to contribute

And I want to share those with you. So we’ll see how things go.