Whilom: Update December 11, 2015

A note for those who are following this webcomic launch:
This is really fun, and I’m going to get to a point where it can be a full-time thing. It will take a while–perhaps years.
I intend to keep my promise in doing one comic daily and posting it somewhere online.
However, I’ve learned that all professional comic artists operate around three months ahead of schedule. It’s an absolute necessity for professionals.
Since I’m not going to lower the quality, it would take me over a year to build up that much of a safety buffer if I’m still posting in real time.
So, I’m going to continue posting online daily, but what I’m thinking is that on my permanent outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and bryanbeus.com) I’m going to continue the story on an every-other-day schedule.
In the meantime, for anyone who wants to verify that I’m keeping my promise, I’m going to post to a separate, public location. You’re welcome to check in at any time.¬†bryanbeus.blogspot.com
Once the three month buffer is built up (it will take six months), I’ll move back to posting daily on the permanent outlets.