Yet a Little More: Gratitude in Action!

A study in how life is easier when we have a perspective of gratitude.

Oh, my beloved memory foam chair

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. It can make all the difference, so they say.

Right now we’re moving to a new state.

And I have this chair that I love, love, love.

My fancy studio chair

My fancy studio chair

Brand new, this chair would cost $1200.

Has a bazillion little doohickey adjustments to support your back…

…It’s made of memory foam…

Oh so nice.

And What?

Also, I have something else.

Well, my wife has something else, and I am soooooooooo lucky to have my wife.

So, I “have” something else in proxy through her.

Fat Cat - Kitty Door

Enter Jack, our big-boned cat

A large, snuggly, and sometimes ornery cat.

My wife LOVES this cat, whose name is Jack. And I am SO happy that Jack makes her happy.

(Are you picking up that I am not normally fond of pets?

I hope so…because I’m not a pet person.)

Head Shake

Gotta slim down

Like I said: We’re moving to Alaska. That’s a fifty-four hour drive.

Our SUV is not meant to haul a ton of weight.

We’ll have to get rid of stuff to lighten our load.

Throwing Money Away

Giving away all our stuff feels like this.

I bravely give stuff to friends and family (art supplies, food storage, most everything…)

Our little SUV can’t tow a ton…so I really SHOULDN’T take that chair.

We seriously can’t handle the weight.

But..that chair.

Its backing comes in this perfectly stretchy fine mesh netting.

And when you lean back, it goes just the right distance…


It’s so nice.

Please no. I’ll never have another chair like that.

Remember the cat?

The other day I came home to find that our cat, Jack, had peed on my beloved chair.

Pay Attention

Yep, you heard that right. He peed across the back and memory foam seat.

If you know anything about cat pee, you know that the smell NEVER goes away.

There’s some chemical in it that will make my chair smell horrible…F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

In fairness to our cat, the new tenants looking at the home had blocked him from his kitty litter box, unbeknownst to my wife and me.

Jack had nowhere else to go.

Good Kitty

Well, no, actually. He could have gone on on my work clothes.

Or my laundry bag.

Or even the carpet.

Or…pretty much ANYWHERE else in the house.

But he chose, of all places…my CHAIR.

*Le sigh*

My chair.

Attitude of gratitude…Activate!

First I had a split second of, “Welp…umm…”

And then I remembered that blog post earlier about gratitude and stuff.

Quickly, things turned to this instead.

“Thank you, Jack! I’m so glad you showed me how little I needed that chair!”

What a good kitty!

Here I was, all worried about how we were going to drag that chair across the continent.

You just showed me what an idiot I can be.

Thanks for peeing on my chair, Jack.

Hashtag: #NewPetPersonInTheMaking

Hashtag: #…Maybe…

Had any similar experiences? Feel free to share in the comments!