Yukon, Ho!

The aftermath of all those fun vicissitudes–a part II blog post, if you will–and a voice from something deeper.

I simply owe too much

With all of those vicissitudes I mentioned in the last post (catch up here!), I’ve had to ask myself why it is I like creative endeavors and whether or not I want to keep doing it.

Definitely, yes. I’m in it for the Love.

Thrown Out The Tower - For Love

There are too many good memories in my life of finding myself as a tweenager, teenager, and “twenty-ager” through reading beautiful stories that made me want to be a better person.

I can’t live with myself if I’m not at least trying to contribute something to this never ending story that we as a human race create.

The Never Ending Story

I simply owe too much.

Just make a new plan, Stan

This is how things are unfolding. (But I make no promises that it will stay this way!)

In addition to getting my MBA, I’m also getting a Masters in Teaching English Literature.

Dead Poets Society

Teaching English is a fantastic juxtaposition of so many things that I love doing.

Teaching at university was amazing, and I love all things literature.

And, high school teachers get a few weeks off in the summer–the perfect opportunity to write another book.

I hope to have my initial certificate to teach within the next few months.

All this makes my wife happy, because it opens up a new door for us.

Yukon, Ho!

Yukon, Ho! - Bill Watterson

My wife LOVES all things Alaska: fishing, cabins in the woods, etc.

She’s the type of person that, when she gets distracted by the Interwebs, she will be watching a video like this:

There are TONS of teaching jobs in Alaska, including in remote places.

This kind of hits all the bases: my wife is happy, my kids get baby food, and I get to be a passionate guy again!

We’ve actually been working on this plan for quite some time now, and we’re in the process of packing up to move!

Wish us luck!

But what about some new pretty stories? Come on, be specific!

Pretty Please? - Despicable Me

I was going to make this all one blog post, but it’s getting pretty long again. Let’s follow up on this next time and I’ll tell you what I’m working on next!